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Foul odors from boating, fishing, athletics, pets, and outdoors have met their match in Pure Odor Eliminator.

Eliminate foul odors and stink.

Pure Odor Eliminator products eliminate the source of odors, not masking the foul odor with a scent! From fishing to marine, pets, smoke-odors, and lingering RV and automobiles smells, Pure odor eliminator products offer the most effective and easiest to use odor elimination solutions.

The Pure Marine Fast Gas worked wonderfully! The mildew smell has finally gone!

Sarah Knobel

Boating Enthusiast

Pure Sport

Does your sports bag or equipment seem to leave a hidden trail of stink behind you? Lingering sweat and sports odors are no match for Pure Sport’s odor elimination chemistry. Browse Pure Sport products today!

Pure RV

RVs and campers often bring the smells of the great outdoors, for better or worse, into the great indoors of your vehicle. Remove campfire, wet ground, and other outdoor odors from your RV with Pure RV products today!

Pure Marine

Tackle fish odors and dampness in your boat or tackle box with Pure Marine. Our active odor removal formula eliminates the source of odor, not masking it. It’s easy to use and you’ll notice the difference. Shop Pure Marine today!


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4" of fresh snow on the ground as I depart for Vegas to attend our very first NABA Western Conference.   That's right, Vegas baby!  Scott and I will meet up in OKC for an 1100-mile road trip through OK, TX, NM, and AZ to our destination.  I do like a good road trip....

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