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Pure Marine

Leave fish and marine smells out in the water, don’t bring them home or in your boat.

Remove fish and marine odors, don’t mask the scent

The only product that deals with odors at the source

Scientifically Superior

Pure Marine’s odor removal products deal with the source of foul odors. They attack and eliminate lingering smells of fish or dampness through an oxidation process, destroying the odor causing molecules. Pure Marine products are easy to use, safe on non-porous hard surfaces, provide a clean smell upon treatment, and will not fade over time like a masking scent.

Pure Marine is Approved by Bill Dance!

“I think if you fish, then you need to be using Pure Marine, this way there’s no odor in your boat, livewell, cooler, or bait boxes. Do yourself a favor: use Pure Marine if you cherish your fishing equipment.” – Bill Dance

Featured Products

Deception Scents - Scent Eliminator

PURE Marine 32 oz. Spray

This product is used by fishers, boaters, and campers to remove fish, lake, and camping smells from clothes. This removes and eliminates odor causing microbials, including foul fish odors, smoke, and campfire odors from clothes.

Deception Scents Attractants

PURE Marine Fast Gas

This is a product that releases an odor eliminating gas in a contained space. The primary use is in a fisherman’s vehicle where the smells of fish, and other fowl scents are removed after a 4-hour treatment. Persons need to be outside the vehicle while treatment occurs. 

If it smells fishy….


You NEED PURE Marine Scent Eliminator!

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