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R25 Fast Gas


If you’re an outdoor enthusiast or camper whose RV or camper is especially smelly, this product is perfect for you. PURE RV 25 Fast Gas releases an odor-eliminating gas in a contained space. You can use it in your vehicle, and after 4 hours of treatment the smells of smoke, must, and other foul smells will be eliminated at the source. The most amazing thing about this product? It doesn’t cover up or mask the smell – instead, it eliminates it at the source.

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This is a product that releases an odor eliminating gas in a contained space. This product is used by campers and outdoor enthusiasts to remove camping, outdoors, and foul smells from clothes. This removes and eliminates odor causing microbials, including foul fish odors, smoke, and campfire odors from clothes. Odors are removed after a 4-hour treatment. 

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Weight 16 oz
Dimensions 8 × 6 × 4 in



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