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Welcome to Deception Scents! Our scent eliminators for hunting is a must-have for outdoorsmen.

“Finally, a scent elimination hunting product that actually works”

Deception Scents

The Best Scent Eliminator for Hunting on the Market

Deception Scents scent elimination products make hunters more than unseen and hidden from animals, eliminating odors on clothing for increased hunting success. Our powerful scent attractants and effective game calls help you become the hunter, not the hunted.

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Deception Scents Triple Threat Caller

Scent Elimination

We have a wide range of cover scents for hunting, products, and accessories for our customers to choose from. We specialize in getting rid of odors in all areas of your clothes, home, car, hunting gear, body, and more. Our products will work wonders on eliminating odors.

Deception Scents Triple Threat Caller


We have an assortment of hunting scent attractants for our customers to choose from. Each of our scent attractants will attract the specific animal you are hunting to come near you and smell what they like instead of smelling you and scaring them off.

Deception Scents Triple Threat Caller

Game Calls

We have a wide range of animal calls! Experienced hunters know that there’s a variety of calls that simulate different sounds that will attract prey closer to you. Most of our calls mimic the animal you are hunting, while others mimic a distress sound for your prey to think there is food.

Deception Scents Apparel


We sell a wide range of clothing and apparel. Our Deception Scent eliminator apparel is unique with our logo on the front and back of each piece. We have short-sleeve shirts, hats, long-sleeve shirts, hoodies, and more that can be worn for casual wear, hunting, or for everyday use.

Lasting Scent Eliminator

These scent eliminators will last on your clothing, in your truck or car, hunting gear, dog beds, and more for 24 hours. 

We Stand Behind Our Product Because…

We are hunters ourselves and use the products we sell when we go hunting. 

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It’s All About the Prep

So many things in life are not so much about the “One” moment but about all the hard work building up to the “One “moment.  Here at Deception Scents, we understand your passion for the outdoors and what it takes to make the hunt come all together in the end. I started...

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Deception Scents Partners With Catch-A-Dream

Deception Scents has been inducted as an official Friend of Catch-A-Dream.Catch-A-Dream is a non-profit organization whose sole mission is granting once in a lifetime hunting and fishing adventures to children. These children are 18 years of age or younger and facing...

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In Memory of Mr. Larry Shockey (Big Shock)

Last week Deception Scents and Pittman Game Calls came together to pay tribute to an incredibly well-respected gentleman in the hunting industry.  Mr. Larry Shockey passed away on 8/15/21.  Larry won countless turkey calling championships.  While doing so he always...

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