Customer Reviews

This past week Chris Barnett and I had the chance to go up to Illinois to hunt with our good friends Joe Shults and Bart Goins from the hit show The Rival. We knew there was gonna be some good weather but what we wasn’t prepared for was the single digit wind chill temperatures going on, but we adapted and overcame that quickly. The first morning we had a very slow start which we were ok with since we had no idea how these deer acted in 30mph wind, but that afternoon it turned on like a hot tamale. While were watching several does feeding on the winter wheat field Joe Shults sent us a text message that he just dropped a toad!!!

Our hopes got higher thinking ok the big bucks you hear about in Illinois is on their feet. So the next morning we went to a new Redneck Blind which I might add is really nice and comfortable. We saw about 24 does that day and everyone of them must have been jacked up on Mt Dew cause they were running wild like I have never seen before, the gale force winds had these deer moving like crazy. By the end of the day we did finally see a couple of bucks but we just couldn’t get on them due to them running at Mach 9 speeds.

By the end of the 3-day trip we had seen 43 deer with 3 bucks. What was great to me was people got to see how well our Scent Elimination worked. Bart Goins and Joe Shults both connected on 2 big studs!!! Both bucks were taken less that 50yds from them with the high winds pushing right to the bucks nose and they had no idea that the hunter was there. Looking forward to going back next year.