Customer Reviews

The Pure Marine team is excited to announce a new partnership with America’s most-loved fisherman, Bill Dance. Dance has been competing in professional bass fishing since the 1960s. Since then, he’s produced educational, heartwarming entertainment through Bill Dance OutdoorsBill Dance Saltwater, how-to seminars, and even blooper videos. He’s the recipient of an honorary doctorate from the University of Tennessee, has written seven books, has been honored in the National Freshwater Hall of Fame, and holds 23 national B.A.S.S. titles. In 2021, the state of Tennessee announced they’d partner with the fishing icon to create the “Bill Dance Signature Lakes”, prompting the state to invest $15 million in 18 of Bill’s favorite lakes in Tennessee. Needless to say, Bill Dance is an expert fisherman, and we’re proud to know that he uses Pure Marine before, during, and after his fishing trips. The Pure Marine team got a chance to ask Bill a few quick questions about Pure Marine.


How do you use Pure Marine’s products?

I like using Pure Marine on my hands before I put the bait on; a lot of people don’t realize that you transfer odors to your bait, especially when you are catfishing. I particularly like using Pure Marine to spray my livewell and cooler. I make sure they get sprayed after each day I’m on the water, that way there’s no smell at the end of the day.


Why would you recommend Pure Marine over other odor eliminators?

I think if you fish, then you need to be using Pure Marine, this way there’s no odor in your boat, livewell, cooler, or bait boxes. Do yourself a favor: use Pure Marine if you cherish your fishing equipment.


Pure marine is a brand of the Deception Outdoor Group, a manufacturer of hunting, fishing, and outdoors products, particularly focused on odor elimination. Deception Outdoor Group sells attractants, odor eliminator spray, game calls, and other outdoors-focused products. Pure Marine offers a spray and fast gas which can be used to eliminate pesky scents on fishing equipment. Like Bill Dance, Pure Marine users can utilize the spray on their hands before attaching bait, while on the boat, and after cleaning out their coolers. Consider adding Pure Marine’s powerful odor elimination to your fishing routine.