Customer Reviews

4″ of fresh snow on the ground as I depart for Vegas to attend our very first NABA Western Conference.  

That’s right, Vegas baby! 

Scott and I will meet up in OKC for an 1100-mile road trip through OK, TX, NM, and AZ to our destination.  I do like a good road trip. Sadly, I’ve never seen the Grand Canyon, so we are going to try to shoehorn a stop if the weather permits.  A bucket list item for sure!

After attending the ATA in Louisville earlier this month I have to say we’re fired up about meeting all the retailer member partners out West. 

Parrish and Karl have been slammed building calls and filling orders respectively.  We’ve got a ton of shows coming up through March.  So many that we now have two truck/trailer set ups to split up and hit the shows that overlap. 

Fishing and RV season are around the corner so we’re ramping production for the Pure Marine and Pure RV lines.  Spoiler alert; rumor has it that Pure Marine will soon be available in a couple thousand more retail locations.  Chris keeps telling us all the effort will pay off, particularly with a product that performs!

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