Customer Reviews

So many things in life are not so much about the “One” moment but about all the hard work building up to the “One “moment. 

Here at Deception Scents, we understand your passion for the outdoors and what it takes to make the hunt come all together in the end. I started spraying and clearing lanes at the end of July. For so many years, we have spent time in the woods working our perfect spot; cutting limbs, setting stands, working the ground for food plots, filing feeders, checking cam cameras religiously, scouting for sign, and going without sleep all hunting season just to blow all this hard work with one strong shift of the wind.  We have all been there!

Hunting success is all in the prep, so we believe we are the most important and last steps in your prep before you hit the woods. Our field spray speaks for itself and is going to be your best friend when you step out of your vehicle and head to the woods; that being said, I want to talk to you about your vehicle.  Your ride is probably the most overlooked area for human/life odors that can and will blow your hunt when the wind is not your friend.  When it comes to your hunting rig, we need to be your last move before you wake up in the morning; the D-25 Fast Gas will reset the environment in your ride by eliminating every smell there is before you hit the woods and was a game changer for me last year. Nothing can hide from the odor killing gas; if air can touch it, it can kill it. I treat my truck once a week during hunting season.

Make every move count this season. The Science, History, and Desire behind the D-25 Fast Gas is truly unmatched and is the edge you are looking for this season!