I like having our folding lawn chairs in the trunk of my car. When we go to the park on a Saturday, I want to be prepared to sit down for a long conversation with any friends we might run into.

Yes, I keep my ‘life-sized’ wood Jenga blocks in my car too. Instead of lugging the heavy blocks into my vehicle and back out every time there is a friend-gathering, I like to know I have my impromptu party-game ready to go at any moment.

And why wouldn’t my two-year old flimsy paper grocery bags be waiting in the car? I am not above tackling a week’s worth of grocery shopping for my family. But I know I am all too forgetful, and if the grocery bags aren’t in my car, then I will once again say out loud ‘oh shoot!’ in the checkout line when I realize my bags are at home.

I keep lawn chairs, party-games, and reusable grocery bags in my car, BECAUSE I want to care for and serve my family and friends. But the repayment I receive from my wife for these things tends to be a consistent gentle reminder that “maybe you should get a car freshener!”.

I wouldn’t say that my car smells bad, but my wife’s car definitely smells better. And I guess that repeated use of lawn chairs and party games in grass and mud, along with older paper grocery bags that have somehow taken on the smell of grocery produce may contribute to these smells… but I would rather not take them out of my car!

I’ve used air fresheners, sprayed Febreze products, and generally found these worked for a time. But when the air freshener ran out, or a few days after spraying Febreze, the smell was still there, I was definitely open to trying other solutions. Not necessarily because I needed the car to smell better, but so I could have my wife in my car and not worry about what she thought of my car’s smell!

I knew PURE RV was the real deal when my wife told me that two weeks after using the product my car still smelled clean.

Using PURE RV Fast Gas was simple. I chose to do it at night because treatment time requires a few hours. I opened the canister, poured the amount of water specified in the container, gently swirled the cannister, and left it on my car’s console. The Fast Gas started working right away, so I closed all the doors to the car and went to bed. I woke up the next morning and opened the doors to my car to let any sort of residual gas out of the vehicle.

When I drove to work that first morning, it had that fresh clean smell similar to when you use cleaning sprays on your kitchen countertops. At first, I was a little caught off guard by the clean smell because it felt different having it inside my vehicle, but that lasted for only the first couple minutes of my drive.

Fast forward two weeks later, while driving to a restaurant, my wife told me, “Hey, your car smells so much better than it used to!” It felt nice driving out together knowing that she felt at ease being in my car.

PURE RV Fast Gas really worked for me! Maybe I can put a few more things in my trunk now – I have a good odor removal option if they end up being smelly things!