This past week, Deception Outdoor Group had the privilege of attending our first ICast Fishing Expo in beautiful Orlando, Florida.

We arrived for set up to a sea of people setting up booths with efficiency and determination to the likes we have never seen.  It was nice to be a part of likeminded people who are as passionate about their companies and products as we are here at Deception Outdoor Group.  After a long hard afternoon of setting up our booth, we were set and ready to introduce our newest product, PURE Marine, to the fishing and boating world! From the smallest of bobbers to the highest end lures and depth finders, every company in the world was represented. We had a great location with a lot of foot traffic, so we were able to demonstrate PURE Marine to many people.

The first day most people were overwhelmed and were just trying to find their way around, but the second day’s response was more than we could have ever asked for.  Our team of 6 were always engaged with someone most of the day; most of the time, we were all demonstrating at the same time. The response was amazing! Seeing is believing with PURE Marine, and most of the people we demonstrated for would come back with someone else saying, “You will not believe how well these products work!” Here at Deception Outdoor Group, we know our products are not a gimmick, and it is the most exciting part of what we do to see people’s faces the first time they see how fast and effectively PURE Marine works!

We had many industry influencers come by and want to work with us in the boating and fishing world; we will be announcing some very cool partnerships very soon, so stay tuned to Deception Outdoor Group’s PURE Marine.

Great things are on the horizon!